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The original magic trowel Coverage Rate Colors & Finishes Options

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pH Pencil

This pH Pencil is used to detect alkali or acid residues and may be used to measure the pH of concrete to the nearest full pH value. To measure the surface pH just wet the surface with distilled water. Stroke the surface with the pencil. Wait approximately 15 seconds and compare the resulting color change with the color chart

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Super-Krete Flex Smoother is designed to be used with Super-Krete’s 1/4″ stamp overlay products (Super-Stamp & Stamp-Kote) while standing to smooth the gauge rake lines formed by Super-Krete gauge rake when evenly spreading the stampable material over the surface at 1/4″, the surface is smoothed out, and becomes ready to be stamped

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S-18000 24" SQUEEGEE

Super-Krete S-1800 Squeegee is specifically designed with the contractor in mind. This Squeegee eliminates the need for troweling; a great tool for use with Bond-Kote and Micro-Bond. Super-Krete Squeegee’s durable 60 durometer, extruded neoprene blade is clamped into the squeegee base making an extremely durable tool that will last contractor’s for years

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This Gauge Rake is designed to rake out Super-Krete Overlay Materials at 1/4″ (Super-Stamp, Stamp-Kote) or 1/8″ (Bond-Kote) evenly across the surface to be stamped to ensure the proper depth of material is applied. Gauge Rake must be set with the appropriate CAMS for achieving the desired thickness

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SM-3G Swissmex Acetone Sprayer

Industrial hand-held bottom feed sprayer designed especially for use with acetone for use with Super-Krete Concrete Dye as well as our Liquid Dye. Hands down the best sprayer on the market for decorative concrete dyes, graffiti removal, overspray cleanup, etc

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Spiked Shoes

Shoe-in spiked shoes for resinous coatings including stamp overlays. Key Features:

No buckles or straps Slips on in seconds Fits over boots or sneakers Wide-base for stability Snug fit whether standing or kneeling

Available Sizes:

Medium Large X-Large

Coverage Rate Colors & Finishes Options Packaging Datasheets

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