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Cem-Seal is a water-based acrylic emulsion used in a variety of decorative concrete applications. It is available in both clear and pigmented formulations, dries quickly, and is high in solids for single component emulsion type materials. Cem-Seal forms hard coating films, resists blushing, and provides excellent resistance to yellowing in exterior applications

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ColorChrome™ Metallic Pigment

ColorChrome™ Pigment is a metallic mica pigment designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique, three-dimensional appearance. Depending on the application techniques used, the finished floor’s appearance can range from elegant to exotic

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The original magic trowel Coverage Rate Colors & Finishes Options

12" 22"

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pH Pencil

This pH Pencil is used to detect alkali or acid residues and may be used to measure the pH of concrete to the nearest full pH value. To measure the surface pH just wet the surface with distilled water. Stroke the surface with the pencil. Wait approximately 15 seconds and compare the resulting color change with the color chart

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